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Merry Christmas Zero Merry Christmas Zero

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm glad that you can keep something simplistic and hit so many right notes.

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It's Raining Mega Men! It's Raining Mega Men!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing as always!

Haven't checked your work in a while and here it is; still great as ever! I'm very happy to see the other Mega's and Zero's in this one and feel like it was a good choice! (Rockman.exe's slender and black body wouldn't have fit well with the group IMO)

I hope to see more of your work and the improvements that you go through!

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Noel Vermillion Noel Vermillion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I guess I'll get my peeve out of the way :D
I think that her guns look a bit too flat. Well, I guess, her "left" gun anyway, but I suppose it is 'cause of the angle (That, and her guns are already flat to begin with :D ).

I like how you used warm colors in the back which made her cold colors stand out. I also like how there's always an angle when you draw rather than just flat on the drawin' board. I'm imagining her jumping off of the fence, sideways rather than directly down or over the fence. Thinking that way, her pose doesn't seem out of place :D

Overall, I like it. Didn't imagine that you'd do a BlazBlue one! If you have it on the PS3 and want to play sometime, lemme know! :D

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Mega Man X Mega Man X

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've seen all of your drawings thus far that you've submitted onto Newgrounds, and I must say that the Rockman series are my favorite submissions. Looking at this drawing brings me back to the intro for X4 when they show him doing his charge shot and switching the angles three times.
What I also liked about this drawing was that the entire drawing was done with some sort of blue (not counting his ears and crest). I REALLY liked how you drew his foot in the crater that he made, emphasizing the power of his shot.
All in all, this is my favorite piece of yours so far. I'll be looking forward to your future drawings, and I hope that I get to see some cross over pictures, X with Megaman back to back, or the two Zero's back to back, or even Protoman covering Megaman's back a la X4's game cover. I can't wait to see more of your work, and I hope there'll be a lot more Protoman (Hell, all of the characters!) to come.
Please, keep up the fantastic work!

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Wavechan responds:

Wow! Thanks so very much for the kind review ;_; I really hope to do more Mega Man stuff soon to share :D I'm really happy NewGrounds has such a big Megaman Fanbase!! It's nice to see the Blue Bomber getting more and more love :)